Laura BryanWelcome to Bellula Photography! My name is Laura and I am a photographer based in Clinton Township, Michigan (Metropolitan Detroit). My love of photography began at a very young age. I was always taking photos on family vacations, around the house, at school, of our pets, and experimenting with different techniques.  When I would take vacations a large portion of my luggage was devoted to my rolls of film! I would take hundreds of photos on each vacation and couldn’t wait to get home to develop my film. (Switching to digital sure did save my bank account!)

People were always asking me what camera I used. For years I thought I had a knack for buying cameras. But, the more I study photography, the more I realize it is not so much about the equipment. Photography is largely about the person behind the camera.

My love and passion (okay, obsession) for photography makes me want to do this every single day. It makes me want to try new things. It makes this a fun “job”. You have many choices for photographers and portrait studios, be sure you choose one that has a passion and love for what they do, like me. I love to help people create beautiful photo sessions to capture and preserve their special moments.

How did the name Bellula Photography come to be? The dragonfly is one of my favorite symbols (and certainly my favorite insect).  Libélula is the Spanish word for dragonfly, so it is my take on that word. It’s is pronounced bel-lu-la. To me they represent beauty and grace and in some cultures represent joy, renewal, and change. A dragonfly has a very short life cycle and must make the most of the time it has. I try to remember that always and live my life with the knowledge that we’re only here a limited time so I want to make the most of it.

Thanks for stopping in,