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Happy New Year!

2010 was great and 2011 is going to be even better! One of my Facebook friends asked the question, “What was your one favorite thing/event of 2010?”. I spent a long time reflecting on the past year and talking with my husband about our memories of the last 365 days. There were so many wonderful moments that I could not select just one. Here is my short list of favorites:

  • “The Boy” – watching our little one coo, smile, roll, crawl, walk, and sign … that list could go on FOREVER and how do you choose just one favorite? So many “firsts”.
  • Cancer-free! – one of my parents was diagnosed with cancer just before I had The Boy and was given a clean bill of health last year. Thank you, God!
  • Vacations – Chicago weekend, a week at our rented Lake Michigan beach house, The Boy’s first trip to Disney World – all memorable, all shared with wonderful family and/or friends. Good time, good times.
  • TTFN! – watching my sweet little one year old meet Tigger at Magic Kingdom and dive into him for a big hug was priceless!
  • Photography – I would be remiss is I didn’t mention my passion and love for photography. The fact that I’m doing this as my “job” now is just the icing on the cake =)

I could really go on and on about all the people, places, and events that made 2010 so wonderful. Were there tough times? Of course, but the tough times only make me appreciate the good times even more!

Tomorrow I am going to start a 365 project, can’t wait to share it with you.  Wishing you a very happy new year!

The Boy is a HUGE fan of Tigger!

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Ring Christmas Bells

It’s NOVEMBER! For some reason I am completely ready for the Christmas season. Maybe it was the Christmas CD I bought (and played) today. Maybe it is that I’m so excited for Joshua to open presents this year. Maybe it is that I’ve already started my shopping (this is highly unusual for me people). Maybe it is all the preparations I’ve undertaken and supplies purchased for taking Christmas card photos.  Every time I go to the store or watch television I see things that inspire me for cute holiday photos. I’m so excited about this holiday season for so many reasons and I can’t wait to capture some of your special moments too. Blessings to you all =)

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My Path

With help from my dear husband and a very late night of work for me, the Laura Bryan Designs site is up! Yippee! I think the hardest part was selecting the images for the gallery. Or, maybe it was finding enough hours in a row to make it happen! I’ve been photographing people for many years, but seeing my site online makes me feel like a “real” photographer. To my dear family, friends, and clients, thank you for allowing me to photograph you. As I start this new chapter in my photography journey, I will not forget you and I hope you won’t forget me either. I look forward to photographing all of you again, and again, and again …

My Path

This is the path I walk most mornings. It seemed a fitting photo to go with my first official Laura Bryan Designs blog post. I am on a new path on my photography adventure. Many people know this is my favorite season, not just for the beautiful colors here in Michigan. It was when I was married, had my son, and many WONDERFUL friends and family members have birthdays in the autumn. It’s a great time of year =)

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Thank you for stopping by Laura Bryan Designs!  Samples, details, and pricing information is coming soon!

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